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SkaterCurrent Season Mean ISU Event Total
1Bradie TENNELL198.26
2Mirai NAGASU186.06
3Ashley WAGNER183.94
4Ting CUI180.39
5Karen CHEN180.29
6Mariah BELL176.70
7Courtney HICKS174.04
8Caroline ZHANG169.39
9Angela WANG168.31
10Starr ANDREWS168.07
11Emmy MA153.35
12Amber GLENN150.55
13Polina EDMUNDS149.98
14Hannah MILLER149.46
15Olivia Josephine SHILLING134.78
16Paige RYDBERG119.71
17Alexia PAGANINI0.00
18Ashley LIN0.00
19Emily CHAN0.00
20Franchesca CHIERA0.00
21Gracie GOLD0.00
22Tessa HONG0.00
23Katie MCBEATH0.00
24Vivian LE0.00
25Kaitlyn NGUYEN0.00
26Brynne MCISAAC0.00
27Megan WESSENBERG0.00

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